Thursday, June 17, 2010

WEEDS, Weeds, weeds

Fortunately central illinois has been getting an incredible amount of rain and sunshine. This has really got the plants growing like crazy... all the plants including the WEEDS!!! This time when we (Darlene, Sean, and I; I have to give proper credit) went to the garden the sole mission was to weed. We had to weed almost every part of the garden. This was accomplished by using a good ole' fashion hoe and the rototiller. Here's some overview shots of the garden.

You can really start to see the lettuce, swiss chard, and spinach starting to go to seed. I'm going to attempt to "harvest" the seeds so that I can use them for a fall crop or for next year.

Now a quick walk through of how everything is doing starting with the corn. We tilled it so hopefully that'll help with most of the weeds.

The okra is getting bigger:

Tomatillos. There are tons of flowers on a few of the plants. I can't wait for these guys.

Hopefully this little guy will turn in to a delicious eggplant.

Here is a shot of part of the 35+ tomato plants that we have. (I need to buy a canner soon so that I can get some great pasta sauce going).

Basil for the sauce. Hopefully we'll have enough....

Here are the zucchini. I haven't seen any goldens produce yet. Here's the regular green ones.

The squash climbing away.

Here are the sunflowers. I'm hoping these guys get to be 10 feet soon.

Now time for harvest... The beets finally are ready. So we picked some of those guys. A few are starting to go to seed so I'm excited about that. We planted both golden and Chioggia. The Chioggia is a ringed beet. I'll post when I use it so you can see the inside. Next year I will definitely be getting a dark red strain.

The cucumbers. Pickling these guys is going to be wonderful.

Hot peppers are on their way.

The cabbage is coming along. I'm wondering how these will go since we didn't started them indoors.

I forgot to take a picture of the ground cherries but they seem to be doing really good. There is three of them so hopefully they'll hold up and produce.

Here's the pick of the day.

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