Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Beet Latkes

This post could be a double post but I've been really lazy about updating the Thursday's Dinner blog. So here goes. We've been harvesting beets lately and I just love beets. I cannot describe how awesome they are. The downside is we have also been harvesting turnips... my not so favorite root vegetable. So to use up both Anthony had the idea of making Latkes. That idea sounded great to me. We don't have any potatoes and they needed to be vegan so I set off to make up my own recipe. The latkes that I concocted consisted of shredded beets, turnips, carrots, onions, and zucchini. In order to keep everything together I used potato and corn starch (I would have used all potato starch but I ran out). I added some paprika, cumin, salt, black pepper. In order to get these to cook just right I used my cast iron skillet and put about an 3/4 to an inch of olive oil in the pan. I heated the oil to 350F and started frying. The closer the oil was to 350 the better the latkes cooked.

Here are the Chioggia Beets. They don't have as defined lines as most beets of this variety. I do not know why this is but they still taste great.

Here's the latke "batter".

Here's the latke/cast iron skillet in action. Deep frying is so fun but at the same time weirds me out because of the oil bath....

And......wait for it... the finished product. Sean made the whole wheat biscuits and Anthony made the wonderfully delicious gravy. YUM!

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