Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Low Hanging Fruit

So we've gotten lots and lots of rain recently. Here's an overall shots of the garden.

Look how big the zucchini is getting!!

Here's our sweet corn. You can see the cats playing around. Also don't compare our corn to the round up corn to the right. It's like three times the size, cheaters!!

Snow snow peas! They are getting close to done :)

The okra is coming along...

LOOK!!!! A tomato!!!!!! I CANNOT for this to get ripe. There are about 3 of these guys.

Eggplant for Sean.

There are a few cabbages coming up. I hope they make it.

Here are the chickens. The cornish hens are getting close...

Sean picking cherries.

Mulberries aren't for birds!!!

Until next post, it will hopefully be some tasty food pics!

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