Friday, June 25, 2010

beet the pizza

This one is quick. Since I used the beets on the pizza I figured I'd add the post. I bought the whole wheat pizza dough from the co op. That dough is really good. Homemade dough is great but I never think far enough ahead of time to make my own, though I'm going to shoot for it next time. It's just so easy to do. This pizza has onions sauteed in half a bottle of wine that was reduced to the point that it was a glaze, basil, sliced mushrooms, upton's chorizo, and sliced beets. I was hoping to get my mandelin so that the slices would be thin. I love grilled pizza so I put the stone out on the grill and preheated it. The crust is a little over done for my taste but next time I'll get it just right. Here's the "before" pizza:

The finished pizza:

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