Wednesday, June 23, 2010

the HEAT

All this heat and rain has been wonderful for the garden. Everything is growing like mad. Most of the trips out to the garden are to weed the entire place. It is just amazing at how fast weeds grow. Luckily there's more than one of us weeding so it tends to go by at a tolerable rate. My goal either this year or next is to utilize chickens to do our weeding. I've started to research this but haven't come up with too much that relates to using them in planted row gardens. Updates on this to follow. Back on topic, everything has been growing like crazy here are shots of everything. I have to give Marion credit this time for taking the pictures.

Potatoes, beets, carrots, Sunflowers.

Chioggia Beet:

Here's the leafy greens. The spinach and lettuce started to bolt. I need to look up how to save the seeds. Hopefully I'd be able to use them again for a fall crop.

A nice shot.

Soy beans and string beans.

The sweet peas are almost ready. Next week they'll be prime picking.

Squash. Some golden and green zucchinis are getting close to be picked. Though we had some deer chowing down on the blossoms. I can't blame though, I should be making stuffed squash blossom. So delicious.

The tomatillos husks are in. The fruit still needs to grow in to its skin though. The ground cherries are doing the same things. Next time I'll show a picture of the ground cherry fruits.

I just keep itching for the first ripe tomato.

We could have harvested some basil but did not. Next time we'll have to and make some basil pesto.

Salsa is getting closer and closer.

Here's our garden watchcats. I can't tell if this is Sprinkles or Garbage for the pic though.

Harvest of the day:

We also picked about a half of a 5 gallon bucket full of morello cherries. Those will be used to make my first batch of sour cherry wine. I have more supplies but here's the start.

Sean cleaning up. He's demonstrating how to properly use a hoe.

I was getting hungry since I hadn't had dinner yet. As you can tell I was desperate since I was eating RAW turnips.

A nice photo to end the post on.

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