Friday, July 23, 2010

Sweet Find

So we've been doing lots of pickling. This turns out to be pretty rough since our kitchen is tiny with a short slanted ceiling, no vent fan, and no A/C. The vinegar fumes have been getting to our heads. Here's a few days later.

This trip's pick:

Here are some awesome/great tasting beans. They are called dragon tongues and I first had them from my parent's CSA last year with Dea Dia. They are great people so if you can get in on their CSA, it was great!

The cabbage is coming along.

First of the bell peppers developing.

The ground cherries forming.

These guys still haven't produced any eggs.

The HIGHLIGHT of the trip. We found a tandem that someone was throwing out. Oh man it's awesome. Now to rebuild/clean it up.

Time to use the pressure canner.

I realize I am keeping these short but I am trying to catch up.

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