Friday, July 23, 2010

Finally caught up

This week has been nonstop expected thunderstorms that end up being noting but scattered showers. This has made it difficult to go out to the farm, but here's the update.

Finally, the FIRST tomato!!!!!! The one on the bottom is the heirloom that was very very fleshy. It was amazing!!!

Tracey and I were trying to decide what to cook and this is what we came up with. Well tracey came up with the grilled mushrooms and onions with a pepper sauce for the tacos. I wanted to use the tomato in the guacamole. Here is our final work of art.

Over the weekend I completely disassembled and cleaned the found tandem. It took a lot of episodes of pushing daisies but I completed it. It took 3 chains!! Any how here is the awesome tandem! Being able to change gears has made this thing so fun. You can really cruise on the flats and on the hills just shift down so it's very easy.

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