Thursday, May 27, 2010

It's heating up!

This week the greens really popped! We don't want our lettuce and such getting bitter so now is really the time to harvest. I've given away a few bags of lettuce and still have lots more to eat. This trip out Anthony and I rode our bikes and had Sean meet us at the farm. Poor Anthony and his fixie, definitely not the way to travel out in the country. The main goal of the trip was to make some tomato cages out of old fence from around the orchard. This was not the most fun but had to be done. While in the orchard we scoped out the cherries, in a few weeks they will be ready for picking. I can't wait to make cherry pies and jams!! After we finished making cages it was time to harvest more greens. We took home Lettuce, Spinach, and Swiss Chard. The cabbage is just starting to come up.

Here are pics from this trip:

I'll be heading back this weekend.

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