Thursday, May 27, 2010

Feast for us all

Sean and I had two very special guests for this dinner, in addition to two regular and awesome guests. Sarah and Elizabeth came down with the best dog, Beau Chien. Him and Roux!! had some fun together. She is a BALLSY cat. She was NOT afraid of him at all. He is easily 10 times her size if not more. Oh that cat/kitten.... Anyways since Sarah and Elizabeth had such a long drive to get to Champaign I decided that I had to make a dinner worth the trip. So I had to restrictions use lots of spinach/lettuce from the garden AND it had to be delicious. Not surprisingly I decided to make fresh pasta, but this time I brought it up one notch and made spinach raviolis. The stuffing was a tofu mockatta. The sauce is a simple marinara made from scratch. It's whole peeled tomatoes food processed and simmered with red wine and some fresh sage. I really should write down the recipes I use.... At first the raviolis were turning out sub-par but by the end of rolling/stuffing/folding the raviolis I was pro. To accompany the raviolis Sean made a salad with our freshly harvested greens. The dressing I decided to go with was a spinach vinaigrette. I can't remember exactly what the dressing had it in but the main ingredients was apple cider vinegar, salt, little water, olive oil, and, of course, SPINACH!!! and lots of it. This dressing turned out great. Unfortunately I do not have a picture of the salad.

Here is the main course though:

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