Monday, November 5, 2012

So much dirt!!

Here's what my car looked like with all of the soil in it. I was without a doubt riding on the axle. I was halfway through loading the car and was wondering why I hadn't rented the Menard's truck. Oh well, the car survived and just needed a good vacuuming.

In total there were:

  • 7 bags of vermiculite (3.3 cu ft)
  • 11 bags of Peat Moss (2.2 cu ft)
  • 5 bags of New Plant Life mushroom compost (New Plant Life, 0.75 cu ft)
  • 2 bags of New Plant Life composted manure (New Plant Life, 0.75 cu ft)
  • 4 bags of Dr. Earth's Natural Choice All Purpose Compost (All Purpose Compost, 1.5 cu ft)
  • 4 bags of a composted cow manure that I'll need to find the name of, 1.5 cu ft
  • 6 bags of Back to Nature: Nature's Blend which is a mix of cotton burr, manure, humate, and alfalfa, 1.0 cu ft
Here's it stacked:

All in all the biggest pain was mixing the soil. SO MUCH WORK. Oh well I did the tarp method but modified it with keeping the tarp in the bed so I could just shovel/slide the soil out. Once I had enough soil mounded on the one side I could removed the tarp completely and just spread out the soil. Here's what the finished product looks like:

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